1. […] Marquette University’s Wakerly Technology Center is hosting a series of classes to teach design, photo and video software to interested individuals. Adobe Creative Suite 5 and FinalCut Pro are on the current agenda, learn more here. […]

  2. Michael Rivera · · Reply

    Please notify me of new social media and software educational opportunities.

    1. Michael – new classes have been posted.

  3. Curtis Pittman · · Reply

    Hi, please keep me informed. I’m a marketing grad student at UWM and I really would like to take these classes and complete the certificates! I just heard about these classes today and I’ve been looking for ways to take crash courses as well certificate exams. this is even better than I know I messed the privious classes in october, but I’m her in town and I will be around keep me posted! Praise God!!!

    1. Curtis – new schedule has been posted – although I will be adding some evening classes as well.

  4. So are you going to offer these again? I was so excited to see the article and now, I realized I missed all of them. Please let me know if you offer them to community members again. Thanks!


  5. Ann Krueger · · Reply

    Will you be offering these classes again maybe in the summer? Ann Krueger

    1. Yes – and I am in the process of adding some during the evening hours this semester as well.

  6. Shane Anderson · · Reply

    few questions.
    1) Where do we sign up/pay for all of this? I really want to do a lot of this.
    2) do we need our own Mac/software?
    3) Do you go to each section for each session and pay that way?
    4) to get certified in Final Cut, do you need to make every 4 day block from 10-4? How does that work?

    1. See prior note on signing up. You do not need your own Mac/software – it is supplied. You can pay as you go or pay all at once. You can certify in FCP on the 4th day of class or later if you wish. It is highly recommended that you attend all 4 days – but you can split it up over 2 sessions if you wish – the certification exam directly relates to content in the class.

  7. Shane Anderson · · Reply

    Where and how do I sign up? I wanted to do the Photoshop deal (cause its better than Microsoft paint…) and Final Cut. I am hoping I am not too late – my whole plan got screwed up from Egypt.

    1. Shane – it is simple, print out the form below and bring it with you or mail it on campus. While I prefer knowing ahead of time, all courses are ‘walk-ins’ welcome.

      1. Shane Anderson · ·

        It could be that I am using a poor browser, but i don’t see this form you are talking about.

        I am sorry about posting basically the same thing twice. Every time I checked to see if my comment was here or if someone had responded, there was nothing. so i felt i should try again.

        Thanks for your help! So i can show up to any class or session and just join? That is really sweet. and then the certification is on the designated date.

      2. Shane – the 4th paragraph starts with “Click Here” that will allow you to download the registration form. But, yes, the classes are walk-ins. Be careful with the Final Cut Pro classes as you really should attend all 4 if you are preparing to be certified. If you are a Marquette University student, stop into the Wakerly (Room 122 of Johnston Hall) they also have forms available to sign up.

        No problem with double posts – you had different questions in each.

  8. Shane Anderson · · Reply

    Last question.

    So i want to come to the session for Final cut starting next week. however, i would only be able to make two days. because of my schedule, i would never be able to make any Tues. Thursday – only Wed. Fridays. Is the course set up to where you need to hit each sequentially or can i hit two weds and fridays and be alright? would it not be advisable to wait till March so I can get the March/April segments closer together?

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