Unsubscribe me – please!

I realized something last week while I was creating my ebook and away from my desk.

I get too many emails.

In fact, I get so many that I delete most of them without reading. This really brought me to the realization – I get so many emails is because I’ve entered some form of contest or downloaded a free app that has requested my email address.

Step one to email recovery – create a ‘pseudo’ email you can use to give out for home improvement show contests or at trade fairs, I mean, after all I really only wanted the free pen and not all the hassle that goes with it.

Step 2 – unsubscribe from any emails I really don’t want.

*insert sound of screeching tires here*

It really isn’t all that easy. Some sights can take the rejection like adults and simply allow you to leave with a nice ‘thanks for knowing you’.

Then there are the others, the ones that need to be coddled and want to know why you’re leaving. OK, I’ll answer your questions, but I still want to leave.

After answering the questions I receive another prompt – are you sure? What if we only bother you once a week?

For a second I falter and almost hit the check box allowing the weekly information. But I stand strong and hit unsubscribe.


my email notification goes off – I have received an email from the site I just unsubscribed from telling me I unsubscribed, and if it was in error I can click ‘here’ to re-subscribe.

Some sites just don’t take rejection well.

Then there are the ones that hope a ten day trail separation will be enough to bring you back or get you to change your mind.

Finally there are the sites that don’t want electronic rejection notes. They want to know in person why you’re leaving.

After chatting with the customer service representative and holding on strong to my unsubscribe mission I am finally junk mail free.

At least until the next hour goes by – somehow the 185 ‘unsubscribe’ emails I’ve waded through were just the tip of the iceberg. I turn my back for a mere second and ‘BAM’ more email appears.

I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle, but I stay the course and continue to unsubscribe for the remainder of the afternoon. I notice my incoming mail beep is getting further and further apart.

After three days of unsubscribing I can only hope the end is in sight. But lesson learned. That trip for two may sound nice, but in the end I know I won’t get the trip and instead receive daily annoying emails hoping I will purchase whatever it was they were selling.

Proving once again that my dad was right. You get what you pay for!

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