The Technology Gremlins Strike!

“Technology is not your friend” – I’ve told you that before.  This trip they slowly made their presence known.  It began in the afternoon of Tuesday, the internet started to slow down – just slightly.  The internet would pretend to work, giving us the small glimmer of hope that technology life, as we knew it, would be alright.

By the end of the day on Tuesday it had all but stopped.  Chris and I went on a fact-finding mission, tracing the wires all the way back to the Principals office.  Fr. Principal saw the dismay on our faces and quickly called in the IT support.  We were informed that it was working now, that was the only explanation we were given.  In checking further we found out that the server was turned off each night to conserve energy.  Not a bad idea, unless you are running a program that depends on the internet to succeed.

Wednesday started on a high note, students were quickly getting their work completed and the movies were looking great.  I should have known it was going too well.  The gremlins, as always, were watching.

The system came to a screeching halt.  Apparently the gremlins not only have fantastic timing but a sick sense of humor.

The teams kept working and we went to plan ‘B’.  They would give me their work and I would upload at a later time.  Chris went in search of the gremlins, hunting them down one by one.  But it was too late, even with working until two in the morning and then returning at the crack of dawn (5 a.m.) the system just would not come back up to a workable point.

Being the troopers that we are, the presentation still went on, we showed the only two movies to export correctly.

Someday I am going to create “Gremlin Be-Gone” and sell it for quite a bit of money to technical teams everywhere.

Until then I am going to continue my advice.  Save often, don’t wait until the last moment to do your projects, and most importantly, always have a back up plan.



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