Sitting curled up on my couch, looking out the window at the snowy Wisconsin landscape, it feels like a dream that just 48 hours ago I was at my beloved St. Xavier’s College – India.  I have already begun to start planning my next trip to the college and am looking into creating an online course that will include (hopefully) many of the students that I’ve worked with this past couple of weeks.  But I can’t help reflecting on my lessons.

Up to this point most of my blogs have been very serious and thought-provoking.  This one will teeter on the funny and the serious.  It will be up to you to decide which is which.

Things I’ve learned in India this trip:

Enjoy the friendships you create and keep in touch as often as possible.

It is good luck to slap a cow as it trots past you on the street.

It is seven years in prison if you are caught eating beef.

Start each day with a relaxing breakfast, and a glimpse at a newspaper.  It gives you plenty to talk about with strangers.

Ignatius makes the best omelets I’ve ever had (okay, I knew that one already – but wanted to give a shout out to my pals in the kitchen).

It is possible to back up a bus in a crowded India intersection, just keep slowly pushing your way through.

Cut glass is more of a deterrent than razor wire on the top of a wall.

Indian families created the terms, carpool and take your child to work day. (By the way – the new record for number of people on one motorcycle now stands at 7)

It is possible to get some great video footage with a flip.

It is possible to create some amazing video stories with iMovie.

It is possible to be late to an India event.

It is possible to fall in love with a place in two short weeks.

Your heart really can break.

Peacocks like lettuce.

And now some reflections on the trip home.  Pay attention you frequent flyers everywhere!

It is rude to recline your seat, the 2 extra inches it gives you really doesn’t help you sleep and it keeps the person behind you in a claustrophobic state.  Be kind, keep you seats in their full up-right position!

Sitting next to the window really isn’t that great when you are over the wing.

If the person in front of you insists on reclining their seat, it is ok to lean on their chair each time you need to get up.

Get up often.

It is not polite to sit cross-legged on your seat – even if the person next to you is a woman and deserves little if any respect.

Please keep you shoes on or wash your feet prior to the ride if you plan to walk around barefoot.

It’s probably not a good idea to walk around on a plane barefoot – who knows when they cleaned the carpet last.

Ice cream as a snack brings a big smile to Jennifer’s face.

Dr. Byers needs to learn the difference between vanilla and chocolate.

No-Jet Lag (homeopathic meds) really does work.

The area next to the rear galley is the best place to stand and watch out the window.

Bollywood movies can really be fun to watch. 


They really need to design a jacket that is cool enough for India, yet warm enough for Chicago.

Sleep deprivation can cause you to become very crabby at the littlest of things.

That is all my words of wisdom for this trip.  I really hope you enjoyed the last couple of blog posts and continue to return for insights on technology, autism, and life in general.

Until then…..signing off!


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