The joys of being an Einstein!


Submitted by Kevon Albright

The first week of being an Einstein has been wonderful.  Prior to school starting, all of the future and past Einsteins were required to attend a “Bootcamp” in which we learned about the different checkout equipment, various types of computer software programs, and all that it takes to become an Einstein.  We worked with software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, and iMovie.  During this week, we were loaded with a ton of technical information that is needed to help other students.  With some of us being Windows users, we are still getting into the hang of using the Mac computers and the other technology in general.  As I can tell, we are all doing a wonderful job so far.  We are learning more and more information as we go on and Carole is doing a wonderful job with instruction.

I am very excited to have this opportunity of working at the Wakerly Technology Center because I have learned so much and there is much more to come.  Many of the tools and software I’ve learned already are things in which I would be able to use in the future, especially being in the Public Relations field.  Being apart of the Einstein team has been great thus far and I am certainly looking forward to continuing on with the rest of my college career at the Wakerly Technology Center!

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