An interesting use of technology

My aunt has been in a nursing home for the better part of three years. It has been a long path watching her slowly deteriorate. One of the things that has been hard is for her to remember who most of us are and to bring back memories from her past. Her siblings have all passed before her, so this task has fallen on my family. I was trying to figure out a way to provide her with more of her past when it hit me. The digital picture frames sold in so many stores. I was able to create a small digital history for her to watch in her room. It does not have many photos – mostly black and white – and of poor quality.

Utilizing Photoshop I was able to recover most of the shots that I found in a small album in her hope chest.

But then something occurred to me, if I could put pictures of faces on there – why not add names. I hit Photoshop again and placed text over all the photos.

I included faces and places. I wasn’t sure I had done anything major until I came for my weekly visit this past Sunday and had a request from the head nurse to create similar slide shows for other residents.

My Aunt loves hers, and it allows the nursing staff a way to engage her in conversation. If nothing else, it allows her to be surrounded by familiar, loving faces.

Now – back to the scanner and Photoshop – I have lots of families to reunite!

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