Google and Twitter team up to help Egypt stay connected

Reading the twitter feeds this morning to check on school closings that didn’t include Marquette, I came across the post that Google, Twitter and SayNow joined forces to great a voice-to-twitter service for members of the Egyptian community that has been rocked by political protests and riots over the past week.  This is when the power of the internet combined with social media shows its true colors.

Individuals attempting to reach family members or friends now have a vehicle to do so, and the beauty is that that Internet is hard to regulate (as was so obviously shown with the WikiLeaks catastrophe) and therefore a common ground for communication.  At the government level this has provided the citizens more power than they have had in the past, which in turn has created a more outspoken group.  Does this mean that the Internet is the communication tool that will bring the world together in a “tower of Babel” fashion?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime it is good to know that families will have a way to check in and assist as needed during this difficult time.

The best part of technology today is outlined in this article from The Globe and Mail.

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