Oh No! I’ve caught the shutter bug!

Earlier this month I attended the New Media Consortium’s summer conference in Disneyland.  Part of the conference focused on digital photography and I had the honor of working with Bill Frakes, an award winning photographer for Sports Illustrated.  I grabbed my Nikon camera, purchased a new lens to test out, and headed for California.

Bill was very patient and assisted me with shutter speed, ISO and aperture settings.  We headed into the park to see what we could find to fill the required assignment – red, blue, green, close up shot, shadow, and motion blur.  It took me the better part of the day to figure out where these settings were on my new camera.  *Editors Note* always bring your camera manual with you to a photo class!  During break I Googled my camera manual and that sped up the process.

That evening we set up on the roof of one of the buildings to photograph fireworks.

For the next 5 days I saw the world through a shutter.  From that point on I could not be seen without my trusty Nikon.

That is a long build up to today’s blog.

Today I realized it was time to take this obsession to the next level.  I had made the ultimate rookie mistake.  I allowed someone else to borrow my camera for two weeks.  Suddenly I found all sorts of photo opportunities – the crossing guard who was attempting to change her fate after purchasing a scratch off ticket – rapidly scratching the card to see if she had won her hurts desire; the yard with the Raptor in the front yard and Mayor McCheese in the back;  the Hmong women working in the field; and the wonderful wall of graffiti on the near south side would all have to wait until I could get my camera back – in seven more days.

A true photographer would have never released the equipment.  I guess this means that I either embrace the photographer within, or start a rehab program….I think I prefer being able to express my self in digital photography to speaking to a group of strangers in a room.

Oh – if you want to see the photo’s I took in Disney – check out the Flickr slide show on this site.

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