The students I work with on a daily basis make my job easy.  They give me ideas and share finds.  Paige Feldstein was working the other night and I saw her using her computer to draw an elephant.  When she finished the elephant vanished and another drawing started to be created – virtually.  Curious that her laptop may be haunted I asked her about the application.  Turns out is was a site that was suggested to her by a social media site.

I had to check this out for myself.  The site is WWW.STUMBLEUPON.COM.  I went out and setup an account. The hardest part was selecting my interests.  Should I put in computers or not?  I choose to leave that box open – just to see if I could develop some of my other interests.  Once I stumbled the first site it brought me to was a photography site – I visited for a while and moved on.  Each time I hit the ‘stumble’ button I was taken to new sites that fit my interest.

The home page describes the site – stumble on in!

The top links included an option to change my interests, so I can go back at some point to refine my list.  The site also allows you to ‘bookmark’ sites you want to return to with a ‘like’ ‘dislike’ button.

This site is Facebook and Twitter friendly.  Even gives you the option to post it to your profile and upload your Facebook profile picture to save you time.

Navigation is extremely intuitive and the sites that are brought up for your interest have an opportunity to share with friends, rate, and save as a favorite for return visits.

The site includes inbox capabilities, which in my book is a bit redundant and it links to your home inbox, not sure how I feel about that yet.  It will give me an opportunity to meet and discuss with people of similar interests, but at the same time it’s another inbox to check or more mail to delete from my already bloated email folder.

Overall, however, I like this site.  I am just entering into a PhD on the use of Social Media with individuals that have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome so it could come in handy for doing research and connecting with individuals to interview.

My only fear is that I’ll like this site so much that it will keep me from my other interests like going outside.

Thanks Paige!  This was a great find.

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