To iPad or not to iPad – that is the question.

The iPad was released this weekend.  A number of my friends have purchased one.  As much as I am a geek I just couldn’t bring my self to purchase the first edition.  It could be my experience with Windows ME – but ever since that night waiting in line for the midnight release of what proved to be a disastrous operating system, I am leery of new releases of anything.  That however, is not comfort when I read the tweets of bragging friends.  Perhaps I was being a coward for not jumping in, most likely that is the case.  I mean, I probably could have sold enough of my other tech stuff, including my Kindle, to come up with the $500 that I needed to purchase an iPad.  But I just couldn’t get myself to commit to this latest technology toy.

Now, don’t fret – I know the iPad is more than a toy – but when you are in the tech business all new technology is like getting a shiny new bicycle for Christmas.  So to me when I say ‘toy’ I mean it in the best possible way.  In any event, I can’t wait to hold one of my own.  To try out the different apps, to play the games, and to make good use of all the iTunes cards I have been saving up.

In just a mere 12 hours I head to Cupertino, California, to no other than the home of Apple computers.  I fully expect to be able to ‘play’ with one and relax my nerves on its capabilities.  It is a complete possibility that as I head back home I will, indeed, have an iPad in my possession, that is, if one is available to purchase.  I am told that they are currently sold out until the middle of April.  That will not only give me a chance to try it out, but to come up with the $500 I will need to satisfy my need to remain current.  I would love to see the capabilities that it possesses and to test out whether or not I can use it to power my NXT robot.  Will it be something that could replace the ‘clicker’ in the classroom?  What other educational possibilities does it posses?  Can it be used to work online in an e-learning environment?  I also wonder if I can transfer my Kindle purchases to the iBook application?  That, my friends, may be the defining moment.  If I don’t have to pay for the same books twice I may be able to talk myself into finding the extra money and take a risk.

So, with that, I will be doing my research at Apple, finding out how much I can resist, and walking around extremely green with envy at my friends that took the plunge already.  They are braver than I and deserve the bragging rights.  Or, perhaps when I return, if I am nice to them, they will let me borrow their iPad – completely for research – honest!

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  1. Here is the reason you should get one, you won’t lose all your Kindle purchases! But you have to download Kindle app for iPad and your past purchases will be in the archive and you can download them again. They won’t be in iBook. Another reason, you’ll get dozen of classics on your iBook (Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, Huckaberry Finn, etc. and, yes, the Bible!)

    Sell your Kindle on e-Bay, and get an iPad!

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