Google – once again you fail me

In an effort to put business before common decency, Google has found fault with Italy’s decision to convict three of its execs in an abuse video case (check my Delicious stream on the right hand side of the screen).  Briefly, Google refused to pull a video off its YouTube site that showed an Autistic student being bullied by peers.  They felt it would tarnish what the Internet was all about.  You are right Google.  The Internet was developed as a tool to show just how pathetic the human race has become.  Just the fact that over 5,000 individuals have viewed this video makes me sad.  Why is it alright that this world allows this type of behavior?  Does it make us feel better when we make others feel bad?  Google – shame on you for even thinking you were in the right for not removing the offending media.  Freedom of press, freedom of the  internet to tell a story, may feel like a right you can hide behind and use as a weapon against your enemies – but does the student featured in the video lose all rights just to make sure you don’t?

So, world, I am wondering.  If you were ever a victim of a bully, ever backed down from a no-win situation, ever felt less than proud of your actions, would you want them caught on video for all to remember and see?  I am just glad the video world wasn’t around the first time I fell flat on my face.  All those fights and beatings on the way home from school, all those times when I didn’t perform at my best, even my one brush with fame singing in the Junior Miss Competition was never caught on video.  If they were and placed on YouTube I would cringe at the thought of 5,000+ people seeing me at my worst.  Not to mention that my family would see it and I would feel that I had let them down.

Google – you have failed me again.  Maybe you should stop trying so hard to make money and think about the countless faceless people who look to your products.  If I were an executive in your company I would be hanging my head pretty low right now.  I sure hope they are all perfect because then they never have to worry about something they do being caught on tape and placed on the web for all to see.


  1. Is legally responsible if you say something libelous or illegal on this blog?

  2. No, but I would hope they would contact me to remove it. That would be the decent thing to do. It is a hard narrow road, but special needs children need all the protection they can get – and video taping abuse of any type for entertainment just shouldn’t be allowed.

  3. I hadn’t read that Google refused anything. I read that they removed the video “within hours” of it being reported.

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