Welcome to the WTTC

First off, lets get one thing straight.  This is the WTTC, not WCTC – there is a big difference.  One is an entire college – the other a training center that on any given day welcomes members of the Diederich College of Communication to come in, explore, and learn the different software packages used in the communication industry.  On Thursday afternoons we have 3D animation club.  The members of the University have been invited to join in on the chance to learn Anime’ Studio 6, Stop motion animation, and Autodesk Maya software.  So far we have built gazebo’s but we plan on creating a movie – complete with red carpet premier.  OK – the red carpet is really just a red doormat – but you have to start somewhere.

On this blog post I am hoping to include my thoughts and insights on the trends that are taking off in the world.  Citizen Journalism, iPad, Kindle and the plethora of Social Media tools (like this one).  With the aide of my team of 11 “Resident Einsteins” we will try out any software or technology trend that comments from you, the general public, ask us to try.  Of course our budget may restrain us from trying everything – but we are willing to give it the old ‘college try’ to coin a phrase.

In addition, I will include notes from the New Media Consortium, Educause, and other technology site.  I also try to keep up with trends via “The Washington Post” blog site.

So stop in, sit a spell, and feel free to join in on the conversation!

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